Technology Consulting

Having graduated from eight years of post-secondary education, and accumulating over 40 years of experience, and worked for the City of Calgary and many large corporations (Petro-Canada, Suncore, Cenovus, Husky, Nova, Trans Canada Pipelines), I have have an extensive background useful in consulting in the technology world. Technology consultants such as myself need to have and supply to the client the following skills:

    • Advisory skills
    • Technical skills
    • Business skills
    • Communication skills
    • Management skills
    • Advisory language skills
    • Business and management language skills
    • Technical language skills
    • Technology security skills

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace amid rising consumer and customer expectations, my diverse background of creative, industry and technology skills can help accelerate the impact digital transformation can have. By combining deep business and industry insight with our technology strengths, we help you strengthen your ability to deliver faster innovation, greater value and a simplified digital enterprise.