Electronics have been my life-long passion through a University degree in Electronics Engineering Technology and 40+ years of experience in a multitude of environment ( I do like diversity).

I have an extensive inventory of tools and parts, and suppliers for many more, but sometimes the tools, parts or knowledge is just not available, for many reasons, so here’s a quick list of whats workable or not:

Electronic devices I can work on:

    • Audio radios and amplifiers: Tubes, Transistors, Integrated Circuits and SMDs
    • Home Theater components: TVs, Speakers, Amplifiers, Projectors, Screens, Remote Controls
    • Automotive & Motorcycle radio and electronics
    • Marine Electronics: NMEA Components, Cabling, Batteries, Wind & Speed & Depth Transducers, Radar, GPS, Compass, Displays, Engine Monitoring, Fish-Finders, Sonar, Internet & WiFi
    • Smart Home and Internet of Things (IoT) electronics
    • Home Computers: Desktops & Laptops, Windows, Linux, Unix, some Apples
    • Office Computers: Servers, Routers, WiFi, SAN, NAS, Networks, Printers, Projectors, Controllers, Intercoms, Security
    • Electronic Pianos, Organs and Synthesizers
    • Aviation & Simulator Software and Electronics
    • Solar & Wind Turbine Systems: Panels, Batteries, Controllers, Blades, Alternators, Rectifiers, Inverters
    • Some Android smartphones

Electronic devices I cannot work on:

    • iPhones
    • iPads
    • Most MACs
    • Some Android smartphones