8 years of secondary education, a box full of degrees diplomas and certificates with presidential honours, and 40+ years of experience with a dozen different companies in several business areas gives me a solid foundation in the technology industry.  
Computers: Be it corporate or private computer systems I can help you design new systems, fix broken systems, upgrade existing systems or remove outdated systems.
Electronics: See a list of electronic devices I have the background and tools to work on.
TV Service: Have your TV repaired, connected and configured  along with add-ons like headphones and speaker systems.
Tube Radios: Service and repair your classic tube radio or modern audiophile amplifier.
Smart Homes: Discover the wild new world of Smart homes and the internet of Things (IoT).
Marine Electronics: Deck out your boat with the latest gadgets or have the old faithfull ones fixed up.
Project Management: Enlist a trained and experiensed Project manager for your small, medium or large technology related project.
Technology Consulting: By combining my deep business and industry insight with our technology strengths, we help you strengthen your ability to deliver faster innovation, greater value and a simplified digital enterprise.