TV Service

TV Repair:

Has actually gotten easier over the ages as the electronic components have become modularized, easier to access and readily available from internet suppliers. Most TVs can be fixed with a simple board swap or replacing some capacitors and no re-tuning is required like in the old tube and transistor TVs. However, if your LCD panel (the front glass panel) is cracked or broken we are not able to fix that.

TV Setup:

We can help you with the TV and accessories setup as connections and cables can be complicated with the various manufacturers standards, different generations of equipment and a bazillion different acronyms.

TV Headphones:

Having a great set of headphones (or multiple headphones with individual controls) can really improve your viewing pleasure and passify others in the house.

TV Remote Controls:

Can be very frustrating to setup and learn how to operate. We can help with that setup and configuration or even a replacement with one that is easier to use and has bigger buttons that are easier to see.

TV to Home Theater:

There is no end to how much technology you can add to your TV and Home Theater room.    


The “guts” of a modern TV:

It looks complicated at first, but for a repairman it’s heaven compared to what we had to deal with in the past. Any of these circuit boards can be replaced in minutes and their not that expensive.Header image for the site